Thursday, December 16, 2010

Street Corner Symphony

If you're not watching "The Sing-Off", you should.

I wish I was in an acapella group.  I would like to beat box, like the b.a. girl in Backbeats.  That would be sick.

If you're not a fan of Street Corner Symphony, you should be.

And the reasons are 5-fold:
1. The lead singer is sexy, talented, and just plain awesome.
2. There's a guy that looks like John Lennon.
3.  There's a super short guy ( see: guy on the far right )
4. There's a BALD guy.  Yee.
5. They. Are. Ridiculously. Incredible.

Need more reasons?

Told you so.

"We are far too young and clever, and things won't ever change
Toora-loora-toora-loora, aye..."

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